The Pros of Online Dating For Single Women

The view that online dating does not lead to real, long-term relationships has lost its relevance a long time ago. In the age of gadgets, social networks, general time trouble and career race, dating applications make it much easier to find a partner. What are the advantages of online diving? Let's analyze this question.

On the Internet, there is practically no spatial and temporal framework. Wherever you are, and no matter how much time on the clock, you can always live your personal life, write messages, find out more about your interlocutor and even flirt.

The second plus is that online dating gives ease of communication. After all, many people are shy in real life, they find it difficult to start a real conversation, they communicate more freely and informally on the web, there is always time to think about the answer, and a cute smile would put the conversation in the right direction.

The third plus is that the Internet dating allows you to know in detail the person before a real meeting. You could ask him about his interests, family, work and even sexual preferences. If desired, all this can be done anonymously, without giving your contacts and real name.

In conclusion of the topic, it should be noted that the point that dating sites are teeming with maniacs and perverts is absolutely groundless. Their percentage in the network is just as small as in real life.

Summarizing the above, we can confidently declare that online communication is now as natural as air, sleep or morning coffee, and people here could meet, fall in love, and get married.

By the way, a research by scientists from the University of Chicago also talking about the benefits of online dating. According to this, marriages concluded as a result of online dating are more happy, strong and lasting. According to a specially designed scale, the quality of relations that have met on the Internet is also better - 5.64 points for people who have met online and 5.48 for offline. And the number of divorces among couples who found each other on the network is slightly lower - 6%, compared to 7.6% for those who met in real life.

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